Hi guys! My name is Vanessa!

I am a yoga instructor. I am a student. I am a person trying to find my way and purpose. 

I share my practice because I love doing it. I love inspiring and I love being inspired. We are surrounded by so many people telling us what to think and what to do. It can be overwhelming but I think it’s also a gift. As individuals what we need to do is sift through the noise and find what aligns with us. We all get down, we all have bad days, we all get stuck in a rut sometimes, it is at this time that we need motivation, we need inspiration. If you have found me, and my practice aligns with you then it is my privilege to provide you with the drive to move forward. You can do anything, truly. You just need to want it bad enough and be willing to work for you.

I teach yoga because I think this is a practice that has physical and mental benefits that can truly help you live a more balanced and peaceful life. It is a practice done on and off the mat. It is a practice based on self-love and kindness. Daily life can be harsh at times. More and more people struggle with anxiety and depression. My personal journey and struggle with it has taught me so much about how lonely, tough, and scary anxiety can be. I want to help. I want you to feel less alone. I do this through yoga and I hope you are able to find some part of this practice that works for you. 

I do all this for me and for you. We are warriors, we are beautiful people. Step into the light with me. Know that you aren’t alone and every day is just the beginning. 

Lots of Love,