3 Asanas that Stretch Your Abs

Ever done a crazy ab workout that left your abdomen and sides sore and tight? First, congrats on working your abs! Feeling sore is always a reminder of what you’ve accomplished but it can also be painful sometimes. Below are 3 asanas that are great for stretching our abdominals. People usually stretch after going for a run or an endurance workout. So why not do it after an ab workout too?

As always, listen to your body, be kind to it, and only do what feels good!


Start by lying on your stomach. Place your palms flat on the ground, at about chest level. As you inhale, raise your forehead up. Keep your forearms pressed into the ground. Open up your chest and roll your shoulders back and away from your ears. Bring your attention to you abdominals and with each exhalation feel the stretch there.


Lie on your back and bend your knees, placing the soles of your feet on the ground. Your hands should be stretched out towards your heels, fingers should be able to graze your heels. Inhale and raise your hips up, off the ground. Hold for as long as it feels comfortable. Exhale as you lower your hips to the ground.

Wild things

Start in downward dog. Inhale and raise your right leg up into a three-legged dog. Turn your gaze to the floor underneath your left arm. As you exhale bend your right knee and place your toes on the left side where your gaze was. Raise your right arm up behind you. To exit, bring your right hand back to the ground and raise your right foot coming backing to a three legged dog.

Repeat this on the left side.

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